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United Against Hate
United Against Hate
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In the aftermath of the tragic October 7th massacre, where Hamas's actions resulted in the loss of 1,200 lives and the kidnapping of over 230 individuals, communities worldwide are reminded of the Holocaust's painful memories.

This has, unfortunately, led to a rise in antisemitism. In these challenging times, it is crucial for communities to unite in solidarity. This rally is a vital response to the emerging hatred and violence, providing a platform for Muslims and Jews globally to come together against antisemitism and advocate for respect and tolerance. Standing united, we send a clear message: hatred and the justification of violence have no place in our societies. This event is more than just a rally; it's a movement to build understanding, mutual support, and a pledge to protect each other against all forms of bigotry.

Recently, when Qurans were burned in Sweden, the Combat Antisemitism Movement organized a global rally to support our Muslim brothers and sisters. We spoke out loudly and clearly, committing to not tolerate religious bigotry. Now, with Jews under attack, we call upon our Muslim friends to stand with us. Your voices are crucially needed.

During this Digital Global Rally, Muslim and Jewish leaders will discuss how we can join forces to halt this wave of antisemitism. The focus will also be on the current conflict in Gaza and Israel, where civilians suffer from a war initiated by Hamas, who have used the population of Gaza as human shields. This conflict should serve as a wake-up call for unity against hatred. Those exploiting these events to spread animosity must not overshadow our united, stronger, and louder voice. This rally aims to be the largest global platform to counter the widespread incitement against Jews.



Sacha Roytman

Chief Executive Officer, Combat Antisemitism Movement

Anila Ali

President and CEO American Muslim and Multifaith Women's Empowerment Council (AMMWEC)

Valentina Leskaj

Member of the Combat Antisemitism Movement Advisory Board and Former Minister of Labor and Social Affair in Albania

Ahmed Quraishi

Pakistani Journalist; Former War Correspondent in MENA Region

Asra Nomani

Former Wall Street Journal Reporter, Cofounder of the Muslim Reform Movement and the Pearl Project

Loay Alshareef

Passionate Linguist from the United Arab Emirates and Proud Supporter of the Abraham Accords

Rabbi Eric Greenberg

National Director of Partnerships and Multifaith Outreach at The Focus Project

Ellie Cohanim

Senior Fellow at Independent Women’s Forum and Former U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism

Sheikh Musa Drammeh

President of Muslims Israel Dialogue

Raheel Raza

Serves of Steering committee of The Council of Muslims Against Antisemitism

Mehnaz Afridi

Director of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College and Executive Director of Tazkiyah Peace Partners

Owaiz Aslam

Founder of the Indian Pluralism Foundation (IPF)

Natalie Sanandaji

Survivor of the October 7th Nova Music Festival Massacre and Public Affairs Officer at the Combat Antisemitism Movement

Dan Khan

US Army veteran and MALA’s Community Manager

Soraya Deen

Founder of Muslim Women Speakers Movement, Co-founder of Peacemoms, and board member of the American Muslim and Multifaith Women's Empowerment Council

Haras Rafiq

Director of Muslims Against Antisemitism, Secure Canada and American Center Countering Extremism

Ammar UI Nasir

President and Missionary for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Panama

Ahmed Al-Mansoori

Founder of the Crossroads of Civilizations Museum