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Jewish Muslim Solidarity Rally Banner, Post-Event (07312023)


On June 28th, 2023, a man named Salwan Momika desecrated the Quran during a police-protected protest outside the Stockholm Mosque in Sweden. Momika set fire to the holy text, causing outrage and condemnation from governments and individuals globally.

This was not an isolated event, as there have been previous incidents of Quran desecration in Sweden since 2020, including planned Quran burnings in multiple Swedish cities by activist Rasmus Paludan.This incident has sparked protests around the world, with individuals and groups expressing their condemnation around the burning of sacred texts.

One recent example is activist Ahmad Alloush, who used his platform to speak out against such acts of religious hatred by staging a protest that threatened to burn a Torah and Christian Bible.
We, Jews and Muslims together, oppose this bigotry and will not stay silent as revered religious objects are desecrated.
In response to these incidents, a virtual global Jewish-Muslim solidarity rally was held by the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) on July 27, 2023, featuring distinguished Jewish and Muslim speakers who expressed messages of mutual respect and coexistence. The rally aimed to create a world where love overcomes hate, and the entire event is  available to watch on YouTube.

S P E A K E R S 

Anila Ali

Founder of AMMWEC

Sacha Roytman

CEO at the Combat Antisemitism Movement

Ahmed Quraishi

Pakistani journalist, former war correspondent in MENA region

Natan Sharansky

Chair of Combat Antisemitism Movement Advisory Board

Eitan Neishlos

Founder of Neishlos Capital

Shirin Taber

Executive Director of Empower Women Media

Rana Syed

Board Member of AMMWEC

Neta Meltzer

National Vice President of Community Engagement at Zioness Movement

Ahmed Al-Mansouri

Founder of the Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

Moshe David Hacohen
Rabbi and co-director of
Amanah: The Muslim Jewish Partnership of Trust, Sweden.
Erica Kasraie

Creative Director and Persian Media Fellowship Coordinator for Empower Women Media

Arezoo Hersel-Rohila

Deputy Chief of Mission at Embassy of Israel in Sweden

Owaiz Aslam

Founder of the Indian Pluralism Foundation (IPF)

Yunus Lunat

Lawyer, Equality Activist and Committee Member of Liverpool FC

Elizabeth Arif-Fear

Founder of Voice of Salam

Soraya Deen

Founder of Muslim Women Speakers

Elan S. Carr

Member of Combat Antisemitism Movement Advisory Board

Jason Guberman

Executive Director, American Sephardi Federation

Rabbi Eric Greenberg

Director, National Outreach, Partnerships & Multifaith Relations at the Focus Project

Rabbi Charles E. Savenor
Executive Director of Civic Spirit
Haras Rafiq

Counter Extremism/Terrorism Practitioner

Zahack Tanvir

Director, Founder and Editor of Milli Chronicle Media England

Robert J. Silverman

President of IJMA – The Inter Jewish Muslim Alliance

Shahida Jefferies

Representative of the Nation's Mosque in Washington, D.C.

Carlos Abadi

Founder of the Samawal Foundation